Monday, March 28, 2016


Wow - it really was a WEEK ending.  Almost an entire week of non-blogging.  I had a project going on at work which monopolized my brain and time.  But besides work this past week there has been

Listening to books
Getting ready for Easter
That Easter Bunny left something for everyone, including the furry family members
More March madness (hubby's bracket is still in play - hes' much better at that stuff than I am)
We enjoyed the bunny cupcakes from my favorite Cupcake Charlies
And a trip to the movies to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
You know there was knitting
Getting hooked on Nurse Jackie
And we are ready for another week

How have you been?


Carole Julius said...

It was a blur of the weekend here, too! You did a LOT!

mamasmercantile said...

Certainly sounds busy, love the cake, a real delight.

karen said...

I am slowly catching up from this week of busy! I am getting things done but then I see other things and oh my. Love your bunny!!

kathy b said...

I may have to check out Nurse Jackie I LOVE YOUR BUnny cupcakes! so cute.
NExt year the pets will get baskets. Wish the sun would come out.
We are still Ncaa watching too

elns said...

Oh it's been busy everywhere! At least you got some cute looking cupcake cake out of it! I hope the pace this week brings you some relaxation but more happy fun times and knitting :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Oh, I've heard of Nurse Jackie, but have never seen an episode, will have to put it on my list. Right now I am binge watching The Soprano's!{A show I had always meant to watch, but never did until now}

Did you listen to any great books? I am having trouble finding something that will hold my attention.

Alina said...

This bunny is sooo adorabale!


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