Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yarn Along A Little Late

Less Is More has been divided for the sleeves. It's going to be another game of yarn chicken. This sweater is eating yarn like there are no more sheep in the free world. 

I woke up yesterday not feeling so great. Thankfully I'm back to normal today. So mentally it's Wednesday for me. 

What kind of fiber fun is everyone else up to?

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Generosity of People

Life changed for my family 7 months ago. Most of you know my brother was killed in a boating accident.  My parents lost their son, my sister in law lost her husband, my nieces and nephew lost their dad, and I lost my only sibling. And we have learned. 

We have learned that life goes on. We have learned that life is uncertain and tomorrow is something we don't take for granted. And we have learned about the generosity of others.

I don't ever really talk about it but my dad and brother are kind of a big deal in the performance boat industry. My dad invented something called a "step-design" hull which is what makes our boats go faster than the competition. My brother improved on it. It's like somebody mentioning Stephanie Pearl McPhee - the average person may not know who she is but ask a knitter and ya, you know. And so it is when you mention Mike Fiore. Anybody in the industry knows him and what him and my dad have accomplished.  

With that in mind there was a foundation set up for my nieces and nephew so that their college expenses would be taken care of. The donations have been incredible. More than we ever thought it would be. And it keeps going. The most recent act of kindness has been this painting. 
It was done with the intention of it being auctioned at a later date. The likeness is incredible. The thought that somebody took so much time (he has been working on it for months) to donate this just takes me back. A beacon of light amidst a lot of darkness. 

And that indeed is something to be thankful for. 


It was a low key weekend 
Not doing nearly as much knitting as I thought I would 
Dinner out with friends 
Hair cut and knitting with another friend 
NCAA - of course
Making summer plans 

How was your weekend?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Madness

Our family has picked their individual brackets and the race is on. Winner gets an entire Sunday morning doing what they want - served a special breakfast, catered to, and treated like royalty till 12:00. 

The real March Madness?  It's going to snow tomorrow on the first day of Spring. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yarn Along

I'm enjoying my Less Is More sweater. I'm anxious to start with some different colors - the first 3 skeins were very similar so it doesn't look like I have switched skeins at all!  

I needed a little light reading so I picked up "Fresh Air....50 Ways To Experience the Best Things About Country Life Wherever You Are" by Julie Murphree. Very short stories about a page long. Perfect. 

Linking up with Ginny

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 on Tuesday

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  For those of you who celebrate this day (I have friends who call this the "High Holy Day") enjoy the festivities!

In the meantime, Carole asked us to list 10 Things I Would Buy If I Found A Pot Of Gold. We are assuming this is a huge pot, correct?  

1. Pay off my parents mortgages. They have had a rough 6 months and they deserve less stress. They can even have a vacation home if they want too. 
2. A new house for me. But nothing huge. A place with the same view, a little more land, and needing NO work. 
3. College tuition for Nicole. She's been lucky so far and has kept her cost down but that's coming to an end next semester. 
4. New cars for all. Nothing fancy. Just newer models of what we have. 
5. A little cabin in the woods. A little place to just go and unplug on the weekends. 
6. My daughters friend is working at an orphanage in Haiti. I was shocked to hear that education is something families have to pay for. I would make a large donation so that many could be educated. 
7. Sheep!! I don't want a farm - I don't have it in me to be a farmer. I know that about myself. But I would love having somebody else keep my sheep for me. I could visit them and enjoy their fleece. 
8. We are going on a few vacations!  We shall start in Italy and go from there. 
9. New camera. I'm not sure which one but it would be the latest and greatest. And classes to go along with it. 
10. Investments.  That way it could keep on growin!

And you thought I was going to buy yarn didn't you?

So what would you do with your pot of gold?

Monday, March 16, 2015


A rainy cold weekend lent itself to lots of knitting. My yarn did indeed dry (and had to be plyed again - something I never had happen but attribute to the learning curve on my Hansen mini spinner). There was spinning guild on Saturday and just an overall nice time with the family the rest of the weekend. The sweater was cast on and ripped out a couple of times. And now I am ready to face the week.

How was your weekend?


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