Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yarn Along

I'm  still working on my pair of socks.  I ripped them out a few times because I didn't like the sizing. They were way too big at first.  Then I didn't like the cuff.  And now we are settled in and knitting right along.  

I'm trying the Eye of Partridge heel for a change.  I like how it looks and it's working well with the yarn.

I finished reading  A Good Yarn and am on the wait list at the library to download the next in the series, Susannah's Garden.  Did I ever mention how much I love Overdrive?  What a great way to download books for free.  And since I am terrible about returning books (the library is on the other side of town) this eliminates the problem since I download them onto my iPad or listen on my phone. I'm reading This Is Not A Love Story by Judy Brown.  Very interesting story about a Jewish family with a son who is mentally challenged.  It's holding my interest.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

30 Years

I woke up this morning to find this on the counter.  It's hard to believe we have been married 27 years and together for 30.  How is that possible?  I was Nicole's age when we started dating.  I didn't realize it at the time but I was just a kid!  But hey, I'll be 50 in a couple of weeks and I still feel like a kid. 

So tonight we will go out to celebrate,  in the rain, like we did 27 years ago.  Some things never change....

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Yarn Along

New socks on the needles.  I'm playing around with a the two needle circular technique to research a class I am going to teach.  I can't say it's my favorite method but I wanted to give it a try and see if it's easier for the beginner to grasp.  The yarn is from Highland Handmaids and it's just lovely.  It's a combination of merino/bamboo/nylon.  Of course it's just my standard sock pattern.

I'm finishing up "A Good Yarn" and will start the next book in the Blossom Street Series.  I'm enjoying the light subject matter these days!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ten On Tuesday - The Yummy One

My is a great cook and an even better baker.  She's not only good, she loves to do it.  On holidays we almost always assign her with the desserts because you know something good will be served.  So in playing along with Carole I give you 10 Things Favorite Foods Mom Makes:

1.  Chicken with wine sauce.  Both of us actually make it - me more often than her because I inherited my grandfathers cast iron skillet.  Growing up this was one of the best smells to wake up to.
2.  I wish I knew what it was called (and we don't even know where the recipe is) but she made an ice cream topping with cooked apples, brown sugar, brandy and raisins.  Oh my gosh - we binged on that for weeks.  
3.  Roasted potatoes.  I don't know what spices  she uses but we can't duplicate it.
4.  Garlic knots.  We miss those since we left NY but mom makes them on Christmas Eve and they are amazing (for those who don't know, they are knots made of pizza dough then baked and rolled in olive oil, garlic and oregano when they come out of the oven).  
5.  Rice pudding.  SO good!
6.  Cream puffs.  They look like a work of art.
7.  My daughter's favorite - Napoleons.  These are so much work.  But she does it for her granddaughter.
8.  Sausage bread.  Hers was so good the local Italian grocery store had her making it so they could sell it.
9.  Cake - any kind.  Hers is the best.  
10.  Butter cookies.  She uses the Spritz Cookie recipe but she puts chocolate in the middle and decorates them with sprinkles and all kinds of pretties.

OK - gotta go find something to eat now.  

Monday, May 2, 2016


I completed 1 book and 2 projects. 

The end. 

I feel so accomplished.  Projects can sit on the needles for what seems like an eternity and all of a sudden "Poof - done."   The sun was shining on Saturday so I got outside and soaked up some rays. I got some shopping done in Newport (it was crazy busy on Saturday despite how chilly it was on the water). Pedicures were on the agenda for Saturday as well. I sat in that massage chair with my book and enjoyed. What I didn't do was go to CT Sheep and Wool.  Honestly, I need nothing and am starting to feel gluttonous when it comes to fiber.  After I spin the 3 fleeces that I have I can consider going to a festival.  

Sunday was Formula 1, having some free time for a Panera visit and of course, Game of Thrones.

And just like that, the week is upon us.  Did you enjoy your weekend?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yarn Along

It's a good thing this Tahiti yarn is pretty or I might want to abandon this entire shawl. The rows are SO long. I don't have the courage to even count how many stitches there are. I'm hoping to get to the edging this weekend. I've got other things to knit and this baby is taking up rental space on my needles for too long. 

I am however, adoring this simple read. 

An adorable little love story. 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yarn Along - Baby Style

I haven't knit baby items in a while and wasn't sure what I wanted to make for Ginny's baby shower. I had some yarn I had been saving for a special occasion and thought it would be perfect. 

After pouring over patterns I ended up doing what I usually do. Created my own design. My rule for baby knitting is not to go with a newborn size. My newborn could be totally different than yours. And I love the idea of having gifts put away to enjoy later. 

God bless you Ginny - and your entire family.


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