Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yarn Along

I noticed people getting ready for this Stopover KAL. It seems like the goal is to get this sweater done ASAP.  I was even stopping at Halcyon in Maine who carried the exact yarn required. I checked out the pattern details on Rav.  It didn't go up to my size. So I opted out. 

I got an email from Carole saying they were publishing larger sizes. That would work. But when I did go to Halcyon they didn't have enough of any color that I liked to make it work. And then I noticed Judy's post. She was making it in handspun. The lightbulb went on and I got to digging in the stash. And Stopover was cast on. 

I started five days later than everyone else and if you can believe it people were actually finished with the sweater by then. Can you imagine?  A sweater in five days?  Actually - I think it was six days but either way my hands would cramp up and be useless after that. 

So I am knitting away. There's gonna be a lot of brown on the blog for a while. 

Joining Ginny

Sunday, February 7, 2016


It was a relaxed weekend in which I did some catching up
Did some baking for dads birthday 
Watched the Super Bowl 
And worked on a new sweater 

Now we are ready for a winter storm


How was your weekend?

Friday, February 5, 2016


The blanket was finished Wednesday night. And then I looked at it and decided it definitely needed a border. So I poked around on YouTube and saw this scalloped edge and thought it would work. 

I'm happy with it. I'm just hoping the other items I ordered to go with it for the shower will arrive in time with all the snow that is falling this morning. 

In the meantime I started another project that I'm kinda excited about. I'll show you my progress after the weekend. And speaking of weekends - enjoy yours!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yarn Along

Of course my blanket design changed several times. I just wasn't loving the color changes. I like my blankets to be reversible (especially baby blankets) and none of it was making me smile. 

So I changed to crochet. I found the Corner to Corner design in my Rav queue and off I went. Now my biggest problem - I am not really a fast crocheter. But I knew I would have lots of time on the way to Maine and while I was there I would work diligently. 

It's still not done. I don't see a matching toy in the future either. 

I'll talk to you Saturday morning. Hope springs eternal. 

Joining Ginny 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Ten on Tuesday - Groundhog Style

I'm writing this before the groundhog actually comes out to greet us all - and let me tell ya, the bugger better not spew garbage about 6 more weeks of harsh winter. I'm not buying it. 

Back to blogging..... I loved the movie Groundhog Day and liked how Carole tied it into today's ToT. Here are 10 Events/Moments/Days I'd Like To Relive;

1. My engagement. I think I was in shock when hubby actually asked me to marry him. After knowing him for so many years as a friend and hearing "I'll never get married" I was kind of surprised when he popped the question after dating for only a year. I would love to relive it. 
2. My wedding. We all know how that day goes by like a flash. 
3. Finding out I was pregnant. I thought it might take me forever to have a baby but I was shocked when I got pregnant immediately. I took the test early in the morning. When I got the positive result I immediately ran to the store and bought a baby bottle, wrapped it up as a forgotten Christmas gift and gave it to my hubby at breakfast. I still have the bottle. 
4. When Nicole was born. C-section. Need I say more?  There were a few blurry days there for sure. 
5. High school graduation. I only remember that it rained and my parents didn't get to see it. They gave the only two tickets we were allowed to my grandparents. 
6. First Christmas with my hubby when we were dating. We flew to FL to surprise his parents. They immediately made me feel like family.
7. First Christmas in RI. It was stressful because we were moving and I was living in NY and hubby was living up here. So when we all got to my brothers house up here and enjoyed the holiday and let the stress go for the day it was great. 
8. The day we got Magnum. He was our first family pup and I don't know who was more excited - us or Nicole. 
9. The last day I was with my brother. I can't even tell you the date because he had been traveling so much but I remember we talked a lot because I knew he would be gone for a while afterwards. 
10. The last day I was with my grandmother. She had been in good health into her 90s and I always treated every visit with her like it would be my last. She would tell stories and tell me how much she loved me and just adored her great grand daughters. She was pretty amazing. The picture above was from her 80th birthday party. She had a blast! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016


I had a wonderful three day weekend. Out generous friend Deb invited some of us spinning gals up to her new home in Maine. Of course we had to stop at Halcyon on the way up. Quite a nice yarn shop I must say. We stopped at an Inn for lunch and enjoyed some Lobstah Pie. Across the street was a shop called Wool Camp. Of course we had to stop by. It was mostly rug hooking and needle punch but was a charming place. And as we got into town it started to snow. We woke up on Saturday to a beautiful white blanket. And check out that adorable bunny. Deb has 7 of them. This little darling has the run of the house. It's a good thing I'm allergic - I may have been tempted to bring one home. 

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yarn Along

Nicole got a baby shower invitation this week from a friend from high school. Her and her husband are expecting a baby next month. Nicole wants to make some booties. I dove into the stash and found these fun colors and decided to make a blanket. The pattern I am making as I go along. I can get that done in a week, right?  Oh and I want to make a little toy to go with it. 

I better go knit. 

Joining Ginny. 


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