Friday, August 22, 2014

There Be Dragons!!

Before we get into dragons I wanted to mention that my friend Jen is running a really cool online workshop. I am looking forward to it - writing isn't one of my strengths and I'll use any excuse to take some pictures. Jen is offering a two for one deal (how can you beat that?). Amy from Amy Hood Arts is looking for a partner to join along with so if you're interested definitely get in touch with her. 

I'm not much of a Knit-A-Long (KAL for short) person. I tend to knit things on my own timeline. If it's a mystery KAL you can most certainly count me out.

Until the Game of Thrones Mystery KAL came along. I stumbled across it on a Yarn Along blog post that somebody shared.   I had just gotten into the series this year (thanks to my dad) and was anxious to cast it on. 

And I'm glad I did. 

Now you'll have to excuse the photos. This color green was a real challenge to capture. 

It blended with everything!! 

The construction is pretty neat and it's large. So large that I couldn't find a spot big enough to lay it all out. 

It stays on my shoulders really nicely. And the drape is incredible. 

Now mine looks a little different from the others because... I ran out of yarn. Don't ask how. I had more than enough according to the pattern. But it's ok. 

We shall just call it a "design feature". 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Of Shawls Not Blogged About

Well - I know one of them I never blogged about. I think I knit it so long ago I wasn't blogging back then.

It's nothing fancy but the yarn is hand spun from a friend. I blocked it again since it had kinda shrunk over the years. 

Here's my Citron.  This one I may have blogged about back in the day. I knit it out of hand spun singles. The colors really are pretty. 

I really don't use either one so I sent them off to Lisa at Webs so she can donate them to people in nursing homes, or in hospice, new moms, or anyone in general who could use a hug. 

If you have any shawls to donate you can send them to 

Webs Warehouse
Attn: Lisa Gill
6 Industrial Parkway
Easthampton MA 01027

And don't forget to to go the "Knit1HeartToo" group on Ravelry and post a picture of what you sent. You can win some real nice prizes. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yarn Along

I have been noticing Pebble Beach on the blogs on Yarn Along Days and I knew I wanted to cast it on.  But what yarn to use?  Clearly I have a collection to choose from.

Then I remembered this beautiful gradient I got from my friend Chrystee at Play at Life and it was a match. It has been moving along quickly and as with any lace patterned project I cannot wait to block it.

Reading has been rather slow, but I am still listening to Outlander.  I watched the first episode Monday night and I like it.  I think I will wait to watch the rest until I finish the first book.

Linking up with Ginny.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some More Spinning

I finished up this skein while I was at the Washington County Fair on Sunday.  The fiber was from Alpaca Obsession which I got at the CT Sheep and Wool.  It is a blend of alpaca, merino and tencel and it is 288 yards of softness.  Originally I was thinking I would make mittens but I'm thinking a cowl since I spun it thinner than I thought - it's probably around a fingering weight.  

On to the next spinning project... 

Monday, August 18, 2014


The weekend included

-2 Pawsox Games 
-a birthday party
-lots of knitting
-blocking my "There Be Dragons" shawl
-spinning at the Washington County Fair
-catching up on some podcasts
-a wee bit of reading
-some quiet time in a quiet house

I feel ready to take on the week.

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Friday

Another week is over...

I'll be spending  my weekend playing with this ball of yarn and a new project.  

I'll also be blocking the project that just came off the needles and lots of other things in what's shaping up to be a busy but fun weekend.

Catch ya on Monday!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Garden Update

Garden is doing well. We have zucchini and squash the size of my arm. I am running out of recipes for zucchini and squash. Hubby loves his yellow tomatoes. All the tomatoes seem to be doing well. 

How is your garden doing?


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