Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

The Fall season feels like it passed me by. I had good intentions of taking lots of Foliage pictures but never got around to it. Then I walked out of my office yesterday and noticed this tree. And it reminded me to slow down. Take a look around you and just enjoy being. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend to simply BE. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


listening - peace and quiet - and loving it

eating - I'll let ya know in a few hours

drinking - iced coffee - pumpkin flavored, of course

wearing - black pants, green and blue shirt

weather -a bit crisp but it's nice and sunny

knitting - cast on another pair of socks last night and working on a new design

reading - still listening to Outlander but about to get Mockingjay to read on the cruise

wanting - to take Mowgli trick or treating in that cute costume of his

needing - a day just to clean my house

enjoying - all the horror movies this week on TV

looking forward - New England Fiber Fair this weekend

wondering - how I'm going to get everything accomplished before I leave for vacation at home AND work

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yarn Along

The birth of another pair of socks.  This is what I was intending to post on Monday.  I was well on my way to getting them done before the weekend was over.  Ha!  My body had other plans.  But we now have another pair to add to the sock drawer. 

Nothing fancy - just my basic sock recipe on size 0's, 64 stitches around.  I could have gone down to 60 stitches and it would have fit me fine.  Big complaint with this yarn - way way too many joins.  I hate that when I am knitting socks.  One of the joins wasn't even in order and had I not paid attention the striping would have been off.

Still listening to Outlander.  

What's new in your fiber and literary world?  Join us over at Ginnys!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 on Tuesday

It's been important these days to focus on the positive even though it seems difficult.  That's why I'm glad Carole picked 10 Things I'm Feeling Good About Right Now for this weeks 10 on Tuesday.  So here they are in no particular order:

1. Breathing. Without the aid of meds that is. I feel like having a party today. 
2. Everything is ready for our cruise in a couple if weeks. Travel documents are together, rides to      airport are arranged, some clothes are packed. I'm appropriately ready. 
3. Pinterest. I forgot what a great resource that can be. It has been helpful with everything from styling my hair to recipe ideas. But it can be a real time suck if you're not careful. 
4. My sock yarn collection. I just happened to look at my cabinet and was admiring my latest sale acquisition. 
5. My Christmas presents for the spinning guild. Every year we exchange small gifts which can be hand made. I have my idea and all the materials and it will be my vacation knitting. 
6. My car. It's finally cleaned out after the summer. I really thought there was a family of some sort living in there. 
7. New knitting design I'm working on. It's different and I can't wait for it to be complete. 
8. Pumpkin flavored coffee. Dunkin Donuts is my morning stop. I'll be so bummed when they discontinue it for the year. 
9. Renewed friendships. It was great to reconnect with old friends at the reunion last weekend. We are making plans to get together again soon. 
10. My new spindle. I ordered a Turkish spindle after wanting one for so long. I can't wait till it arrives!

So what are you feeling good about right now?  Please share!   It will make you feel real good.  

Monday, October 27, 2014


That's about it right there. I'll be back with something a little more interesting as soon as I can. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Reunion Shawl

I cut it close but my Antarktis shawl was finished in time for last weekend. I had a back up in case I fell short but I was done by midnight Thursday. And it was dry and ready to go by Saturday morning.

As usual, I have no modeled shots. And I should have. There must have been 100 pictures taken Saturday night but not many of them showed off the shawl very well. 

I loved the way the colors blended when they were knit up. 

It actually reminded me go a larger version of Brickless. And there was no worry about doing the extra repeat - it grew so much on the last portion.  I wouldn't have had enough yarn to do the extra repeat anyway.  

Another shawl for the collection.  And on a chilly day like today I'm thankful for them!  

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rhinebeck 2014

Rhinebeck was a quickie this year. Like I said before my 30th high school reunion was also this weekend. So we did a "drive by" on Sunday. 

The crowds - they were not so bad. Of course on Sunday you don't get first choice of fiber but it was a pleasant shopping experience. I had a few items on my wish list. 

Some gradient fiber from Fiber Optic. I got two of these bad boys. 

Some beautiful yarn from Miss Babs. Even on Sunday it was impossible to get into the booth. I went back around 4:00 and was able to grab this skein. 

I resisted Briar Rose this year. But look at that booth. And those colors. 

Of course the weather was perfect although a tad bit windy. And yes - I wore my shawl which I will show pictures of tomorrow.  It was nice to be able to just walk around and enjoy the outdoors. I also got to chat with the Yarn Harlot briefly. I really wanted to take a picture with her but she was into shopping and I didn't want to interrupt too much. 

So I walked out with only two purchases. Have no fear. New England Fiber Festival is in a couple of weeks. 


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