Friday, June 26, 2015

When Real Life Meets Blog Life

When I started my blog years ago it was for the sole purpose of chatting with other knitters, sharing my projects and seeing what others were working on.  Great inspiration!  I found more blogs than I ever thought I would.  I often wonder how much knitting I would still be doing today if not for blogs. 

Over the years I have been able to actually meet some of my fellow bloggers and chat.  It's so much fun to get to really know them.  I'm excited that Jen is flying all the way out here to go to Rhinebeck and we will get the chance to meet this year.  Steph and I are ships that pass in the night on the Cape each summer.  We are going to try and collide this year if possible.  

Last night I got to hang out with Carole and her husband Dale.  That's Dale on the left.  He has a super fun band and I saw them last year and really enjoyed it.  Knitting friends, music and the outdoors.  What is there not to love?  We hung out at the Common in her town and sang and had a good old time till the sun set.  It was a great summer night.  And that talented guy on the right?  His name is Bob and he could use some good healing energy and prayers.  

Who knew a little blog could go so far?  

Have a great weekend everybody.  


Gale Bulkley said...

Nice. That sounds like fun.

Carole Julius said...

I'm so glad you joined us last night - it was more fun with you there and you got to meet all my people! Thanks for your kind words on Bob's behalf, too. I'm glad you got to hear him sing.

Linda said...

so cool! Wish we all could have been there with you!

Linda in VA

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I have plans for us to meet one day Donna, I know it will happen.

steph said...

fingers crossed that it might happen!!! but if not, i'm thinking it might be fun to try to leave something for you to find somewhere....sort of like geocaching!!! I'm working on it!!! :)

karen said...

meeting friends in real life is special, I'm glad you met up with your friend!!


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