Thursday, June 25, 2015

Random Thursday

It's Thursday and the week is winding down.  Thank goodness.  It's been a long one!  So what's going on?

1.  Knitting is getting back on schedule.  I'm feeling good.

2.  Speaking of normal - I noticed that after being sick I get this huge surge of energy.  Must be stored up from the days of being a sick slug.

3.  By the way - while I was sick, did I take a sick day?  Hahahaha!!!  No.  Came to work.  I came in a little later but I was there.  The only way they can keep me home is with a fever because it would be dangerous to drive.  Especially over two bridges.

4.  My daughter and I are sharing a car.  Her car is suffering from terminal illness.  It has 200,000 miles on it.  Although I hear Nissans can go over 300,000 miles, this one was not one of them.

5.  Vacation this year?  Not happening.  We have to buy her a car.  She chose to stay home for college thereby saving us approximately $30,000 in room and board.  I think we can deal with $3000 for a car for her to get to class.  

6.  I just realized Tour de Fleece starts on the 4th of July.  My plan was to finish spinning my brown fleece and begin the white one for the tour.  I still have another pound of the brown to finish up.  A pound of fiber to spin in a week.  I don't know if that is possible so those plans may have to be altered.  

7.  It's supposed to rain this weekend.  Apparently the weather man doesn't know the rules around here.  No rain on the weekends.  Save that crap for during the week.  

8.  With impending rain the pound of fleece may just get spun.

9.  See Marlow the chinchilla above?  He's just cute and wanted a cameo on the blog.  I obliged.


Carole Julius said...

It can be hard to stay home when you're sick if no one else does your work, that's for sure. I always tell myself I'll get better faster, though. I heard rain for Sunday but not Saturday, I hope they are right! See you soon!

karen said...

bummer about the car and the vacation, we aren't going anywhere to pay for but I really really tried to maybe get a vacation :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

No vacation here either, I'm saving to fly to Germany next year to see Emerson.I'm sorry about the car, that is no fun.
Marlow is adorable and I'm glad he is getting a camo.
You should be in bed when your sick! Take care of yourself Donna.
Happy weekend.


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