Monday, June 29, 2015


We fit in a lot this weekend Especially on Saturday since we knew Sunday would be a soggy day.
Hubby did some late gardening.  Pictured above is what's left of his parsley plants after leaving them out Friday night.  We had such a laugh.  Hubby decided he was having rabbit on the grill for dinner.
Thankfully the rabbit hid all day.
I organized my piles of "stuff" (you know - those piles that accumulate and you swear you will deal with them later) and it felt good.
I started a new knitting project and up to the edging on my shawl.
I checked out our beautiful new library.  I love it but it almost feels kind of "empty".  We had a tiny library for a long time and there are nowhere near enough books to fill this one.  It also makes me sad that my daughter, at 20, is finally getting a library she "wants" to go to.  I grew up with one like this and it really encouraged my reading.  So we plan on going every couple of weeks.  
We had company for dinner on Saturday and my daughter was the cook on Sunday for all of us and one of her friends.  She's a pretty good cook! 
And it's a short week, so I am ready to take it on.

How was your weekend?

Joining Karen.


Tracey ~ Clover said...

I have such a love/hate relationship with all wildlife right now so I feel your pain.
My library is very tiny and now with budget cuts it's hardly ever open, makes me sad.
Hooray for a short week...and new knitting projects!

Carole Julius said...

Grants require that we build libraries with 25 years of growth in mind, I'm sure that's why it feels empty now but the idea is to have room to grow. Sounds like you had a great weekend all around.

karen said...

those darn bunnies. Frodo would take care of that for you, you know! Well I guess we will see what the rabbit does now. Love that you have a new library. I haven't been to ours lately and need to get back into the habit.


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