Sunday, December 21, 2014


Christmas shopping - complete
Hair cut and color - accomplished 
Christmas party and catching up with friends - check
House cleaning - eh
Creative time -yup 
Enjoying the new version of the movie "Annie" with Nicole & my niece - yay! 
Reliving wonderful memories of Nicole playing an orphan 10 years ago in a production of Annie had us teary-eyed and realizing time has gone by so 
fast (see photo above of my orphan stage right)


Carole Julius said...

Cleaning the house is highly overrated, especially in the face of all of the good stuff you did. People are what matters!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

The time does go by fast, too fast.
Enjoy a beautiful Christmas.

sylvia - artsy ants said...

Sounds good, Donna! Wishing you some wonderful days and a lovely time with your family!! I didn't plan on doing house cleaning this past weekend but then 2 faraway friends announced their overnight visit. so here we go, house cleaned - check! ;))

karen said...

time just keeps going faster and faster as I age. She looks adorable! Glad you are ready for the season, merry Christmas!

kathy b said...

So glad you liked Annie...I want to see it despite the *bad* reviews

Happy happy Christmas


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