Thursday, December 18, 2014

So Random

It's a Thursday and it's the time during the week where my thoughts go through my head like shooting stars.  Random and all over the place.  And you get to share it with me today.  Are we ready?

1.  Last night was our Bayberry Spinners Christmas party.  That's what the gifts in Monday's post were for.  I made wash cloths for everyone and bought some hand made soap to go along with it.  We all agree that this party gets us all in the Christmas spirit and is the informal "arrival" of the holiday in our minds.
2.  My shopping is almost finished.  A couple of gift cards and we are a go.
3.  It is COLD this morning.  Actually - it's pretty windy and that makes it feel even more cold.  But the sun is shining so we call it a good day.
4.  I'm going to one of my favorite stores tonight with my bestest friend Lisa.  Tickles just opened a restaurant serving dinner in addition to the tea room so we are going to see how that is.  I will report back.
5.  While my tree is decorated and the house is kind of decorated, it is a disaster.  This weekend the mission is to get it looking like humans should be living there.
6.  In the midst of said mess I found a bag of gifts that I forgot about that needs to be mailed out.  I thought I took care of all of it but apparently not.  This is the reason for #5.
7.  I just realized that one other gift I ordered from Etsy still has not shipped.  Once I receive it I need to mail it out.  This may be a problem.
8.  I am also realizing there are a few other gifts I ordered that still have not arrived.
9.  I need to make another To Do list.

Catch you later!


Carole Julius said...

My To Do List has a To Do List right now! It'll all get done, though. Or it won't. It will be a Merry Christmas either way.

Chrisknits said...

We are doing the last of our shopping tomorrow, hubster and I. Since half of the gifts are for his side of the family I require his presence shopping for the items. Not because he has great insight, we usually end up giving gift cards to most all, but it's the principle! And, he's the banker, so it's just easier to take him along to pay! LOL

elns said...

#9. I have a google spreadsheet that i update and print out and then scribble all over. I am the wonky Christmas lady, hehe. Wishing you much holiday spirit as you blaze ahead!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

My merry making is rolling right along and I find myself humming Christmas tunes as I work on projects. I love this time of year!
Merry Christmas Donna.

karen said...

I like the idea of back to back to do lists. I hope you get your order so you can mail it in time :)

kathy b said...

Those TO DO lists keep me sane.
You are doing great


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