Monday, April 28, 2014


The weather wasn't much to speak of but we made the best of it at CT Sheep and Wool.

So many Spring colors to look at even though we were dressed in our Winter woollies. 

The demonstrators were interesting. 

Some very cool weaving. 

It made me want to go home and warp my loom. 

I just loved all these colors hanging together. 

Thoughts on this wheel?  My hubby is obsessed. 

My one and only fiber purchase. Alpaca. So soft. And I love the colors. Ocean blues. 

This woman had some nice gradients. I am definitely adding her to my Etsy Watch list. 

I controlled myself. This is the first festival of the season - I need to pace myself ya know. 

So what happened over your weekend?


Tracey said...

I am sitting here pea green with envy! :)
A fiber festival looks like so much fun. I love the yarn you bought, too bad this isn't a let's feel computer so I could touch it.

Deborah Hamilton said...

That's an interesting looking wheel, and you choice of yarn is lovely. I attended a meeting about sewing on vintage machines.

karen said...

You only bought one thing? wow that is fantastic, more money for next time :) love the gradient colors.

Carole Julius said...

Pacing yourself is smart! My weekend was great for the first half, anyway! Traveling home was, well, you know.

flyingjen said...

Great restraint in only buying one thing! That gradient yarn in gorgeous! If you want the pattern for the owl mitts, let me know. I'd be happy to copy and send it to you.

Jen said...

The colors!!! I love them!!! I thought of you Saturday during the rain. I figured you'd still be having a great time though!

steph said...

How many fiber festivals are in your area? I'd be super thrilled for a single one! Love your purchase. Restraint....could you share some of that with me?


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