Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Vacation is months away for me but Carole just returned from a fabulous one and is thinking about the things she missed while she was away.  It's tough to come back to reality sometimes isn't it?  There are things that I miss while I'm away and I'm happy to come back to though. 10 Good Things About Coming Home From Vacation:

1.  Seeing my dog and cat.  The cat has the attitude at first then she warms up.  The dog - well, he's a dog and is excited just to be alive.  He's always happy.
2.  My bed.  I don't sleep quite the same while I'm away.
3.  My routine.  There's something about doing the usual things each day that is comforting.
4.  My computer.  I do my main things on my iPad or phone, but some things really do require my computer.
5.  My TV.  I enjoy sitting and knitting at the end of the day in front of my TV catching up on my DVR'd shows.
6.  My parents.  Sometimes they come with us on vacation.  Sometimes they don't.  It's good to come back and have Sunday dinners again.
7.  Home cooked meals. Eating out all the time is great but I am happy to come back to our regular cooking.
8.  Depending on the time of year - my garden.  I love to see how much grew while we were away (aside from the weeds).
9.  My car.  When it comes to driving I AM a control freak and want to do the driving.  I really miss my own car when I'm away.
10.  My house.  There's nothing more comfortable than sitting on my own worn couch!


Carole Julius said...

All excellent things. Thanks for reminding me!

margene said...

We are all creatures of habit and having our stuff and our routines is what keeps us happy. Good list!

Tracey said...

I have a hard time being away from home, I miss it all.

Chrisknits said...

We rarely go anywhere that doesn't involve my sister's house or our condo in Florida. But even though they are like home to us, it is still not home. My dogs go with us to my sister's, but not to Florida, so I am really missing them by the time we come home.

dianne said...

Home cooked meals is a great thing to come home to. Yum!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

We have several similar items on our lists! When we took our 3-week road trip last July, I didn't drive the entire time and didn't miss it at all! :)

karen said...

numbers one through four (minus a cat) would be my top listers! I cannot live without the internet and grumble a lot when I have to :)


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