Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Until this past year we hadn't really taken any lengthy trips for some time.  Vacation is wonderful.  But there's still nothing like home.  So here's today's 10 on Tuesday  - 10 Things You Miss About Your Own House While You're Away.
1.  My dog.  He's still a puppy so we have not ventured too far with him.  We are still working on manners (and some days that's a lot of work).
2.  Home cooked meals.  While on vacation we typically are eating out most days.
3.  My candles.  I'm a Yankee Candle junkie so my house is always smelling like the scent of the season.
4.  Knitting on my deck.  It's quiet, you can look out at the boats on the water, you can hear the birds chirping - it's so peaceful.
5.  My couch.  I have my special corner where I knit and it is so comfy there.
6. My car.  OK - this isn't part of my house, but I don't usually  have it while I'm away.  And I love my car.
7. Wifi.  You don't realize how much you miss that when you don't have it!
8.  Big screen TV.  Age has truly made me almost blind.  This is sad.
9.  My wood stove.  I won't need it for another couple of months (fingers crossed) but during the winter it's what I miss most when I'm not home.
10.  My coffee mug.  I don't have coffee every morning, but when I do, I just don't like drinking out of anything but my own mug.  Call me crazy.


Bonny said...

I wouldn't call you crazy at all since I also miss my mug when I'm away! There's just something about drinking from it that's "just right".

Carole Julius said...

I bring my Yankee candles with me!

Leslie said...

I take my cup(s) with me. I understand.

Teri said...

Oohh, Knitting at your house sounds wonderful. I usually just knit in bed, propped up by pillows, with the boob tube on...Your way sounds better.

Mary said...

the purpose of getting away is to SKIP home-cooked meals! (but I know you know that :-) your list shows that you are a real homebody..and I think I am, too.

karen said...

OH wifi, how could I live without you. Do you know every single vacation has to have wifi and central air ? Going to see my inlaws is brutal-those two things are missing :/

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Your deck sounds delightful - I wish I had one of those!


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