Thursday, September 12, 2013

Check That Off The List

So any of you who know me in real life know that I'm a pretty laid back person.  I was the kid who followed the rules (most of them anyway), didn't get into any real trouble, didn't really party much - that sorta thing.  I don't like roller coasters, I don't like planes or flying, I tolerate boats on a "need be" basis (go ahead and laugh since our family in is the business of making high speed boats).  I am far from a dare devil.

My daughter, however, is my polar opposite.  If it's edgy, fun, or thrilling - she wants to do it.  She turned 18 last week and has been begging for a tattoo.  They were never really my thing.  I admire them and some of them are beautiful.  But it wasn't something I wanted to do.  For the last year she kept asking for me to get a matching tattoo with her.  Something that just her and I would have.  She didn't care what it was, I could pick the entire thing.  So I got to thinking, "why not?"  Nobody would EVER expect me to get one.

Since my daughter is going into the nursing profession she has to be careful where she puts her tattoos.  So we chose the feet.
I chose to go first.  And what do you think I did as I was getting my new ink?
Yep - I knit. It kinda kept my mind off the pain.  For a little while.  And yes - it hurt.  I noticed the closer she got to my toes the more it hurt.
This was the outline on Nicole's foot.  We didn't think to take this picture while I was getting mine.  But when I was done:
And here we are together.
I absolutely love it.

And I can't say I wouldn't do it again.


Carole Julius said...

Fantastic! I love that you got matching ones and of course I love that it's knitting related!

Jen said...

This is awesome!!! What a great idea! And very brave of you. I've always wanted a tattoo (a small one in an out of the way place) but have never been able to think of what to get nor do I think I am brave enough to get one!

karen said...

You're braver than me!! How sweet that the two of you match :)

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

I'm just not a tattoo person, but I do like your nail polish color choice (matches mine this summer). :)

Bonny said...

I love your mother-daughter tattoos, and I love that it was your daughter's idea! I've been contemplating my own knitting-related tattoo on my foot, but the pain may prevent me from being brave like you.


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