Friday, September 6, 2013

A Good Mail Day

I love when I order things online.  Especially when it's something that needs to be made before it can ship, which means delayed gratification.  Sometimes I even forget all about it.  I forgot I had ordered this a while back.  I got a nice surprise in the mail last Saturday.
Its fiber.  Lots of happy, bright colored fiber.  And a 6 page manual on different ways to spin it.  I think I will use this for socks so  my first thought is to divide the braid evenly, spin each strip then ply them together.   It's from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and it is the August installment of the Rockin Whorl Spinning Club.  What appealed to me about this club was that you could purchase it a month at a time or purchase all three months at once.  I only purchased one month but I am itching to get the next.  Common sense is telling me to skip the next one only because my list of projects I want to accomplish before the end of October is already impossible to accomplish.  I won't even get to spin this one until sometime in November if I'm lucky.  And there is Rhinebeck coming up, and New England Sheep and Wool.  I really need to save some spending money for those.  

Common sense is so over-rated.  


Janet said...

The colors in your fiber are just gorgeous. It should be such fun to spin. I've always wanted to join a fiber club, but I know I'd struggle to keep up. Then I see this gorgeous yarn and . . . . :-)

kathy b said...

Ohhh I love love love fun mail with yarn goodies!!!

Nichole Burke said...


Nichole Burke said...


Iris said...

What a cool idea on their part - to include a tutorial on different ways to spin it. Really fun colors in that fiber!

karen said...

I cannot wait to see how you spin it up! I love the colors :)


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