Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yarn Along

I don't have much to show for Yarn Along today.  There has been progress in all projects but it's hard to see when you are working on so many things!

I do have some finished socks that I never showed you though.

I call them the World's Oldest Socks.
If I dig back through the blog I am sure I can find the post where I had started them.  I believe I got the yarn (Zauerball) at the very first New England Wool Fair (which had to be 3 years ago by now).  I loved the yarn the way the colors shifted.
The size 1 needles were a challenge and the very thought of picking up the stitches for the afterthought heel gave me hives. But I finally settled in and just did it.  And it wasn't that bad.  I am thankful to have them off the needles finally.

I did lots of reading this weekend and am hoping to be able to get the next Hunger Games book downloaded by next weekend.

So what are you doing with fiber lately?


Anonymous said...

very nice. I love hand knitted socks!

elizabeth said...

fun socks! :)

Joy said...

Cute socks! I have a few projects are very old too. One that just needs sleeves!

steph said...

only 3 years?!!! mere babies!!!
(they turned out great!!!)

Mary G said...

love the socks. Zauberballs always have the coolest colorways!

Mary G.

Carole Julius said...

Feels great to have them done, I know!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks!

I looked over your blog and love your spinning. I've never managed to master my wheel.

Sarah said...

I love the way the colors blend from one to the other in your socks - they're beautiful! And the thought of picking up stitches with size 1 needles makes me shudder too!

karen said...

your oldest socks will be the newest socks for the fall! That's what I love about knitting, finishing stuff and tucking it away until it's needed.

9peasMom said...

I do love knitted socks. Yours look wonderful and very soft!

elflyn said...

Lovely socks.
I often find with knitting that I simply have to sit down and just 'do it'. Usually kitchener stitch!!
Have a wonderful week.


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