Monday, July 15, 2013


listening - air conditioner humming (and thankful for it)

eating - dinner, which was a half a hamburger (too hot to eat much)

drinking - that sangria right there

wearing - grey capri shorts and blue sport tank

weather - does the word "sauna" mean anything?

knitting - regularly knitting the carnival socks right now along with my TDF spinning

wanting - to be able to open my windows and breathe some cool air

needing - clean the house.  It needs a good dusting and dog hair is piling up

enjoying - reading my books this weekend.  I want to get the next Hunger Games book but I won't get it until I finish what I have now

looking forward - going to the beach in the evening this week.  

wondering - when I will be able to soak that Socks That Rock fiber I spun last week so that it actually is nice enough outside for it to dry


Jen said...

This heat is killing me! Plus I'm dying for an iced cold beer. My house is dirty too but there's no way it's getting cleaned in this weather! I like the idea of going to the beach in the evening. We may have to do that too!

Carole Julius said...

A sauna wouldn't be so humid! It's still better than cold, though.

kathy b said...

I will have to try that there Sangria! its super hot in CHicago today

karen said...

Not a fan of the heat but I bet you knew that. I have capris on as well :)

steph said...

I'm living in sauna-land, too! How can anyone enjoy summer with temps like this??? So, I cope---sitting directly under the ceiling fan with my knitting!


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