Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Pair

Two days, two posts, two finished pairs of socks.
I can't even remember when I finished these.  I'm pretty sure I didn't post any finished pictures on the blog.

I get so confused with what I post on here and what I put on Instagram these days!

I love the pooling and the colors on these socks.  It's hard to tell but there is even some sparkle in there too.
I tried taking pictures in different lights with different settings but it's tough inside and it's been too darn hot to be outside for too long for a photo shoot.

I'm taking a break from sock knitting for a little while.  My left hand seems to suffer because of it.  My left ring finger and pinkie, to be exact.  Even regular knitting was bothering me last night.  I am going to catch up on some crochet projects and see if that bothers it.  And I will definitely catch up on some reading.

Stay cool everybody.  Today is supposed to be a tough one here in the Northeast.  Looks like there's no relief until Sunday.


Carole Julius said...

Pretty socks! Bummer about the hand issue, I hope other crafty things don't bother it.

kathy b said...

Nice SOCKS!!! SOrry about your, rest, ice , rest....

Elisabeth Andrée said...

Love the socks! Best wishes, hope you will recover soon!


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