Friday, July 12, 2013

Spinning Right Along

I ended up taking a few days off from spinning due to the cramps in my hands.  I knew if I didn't I would mess myself up for the rest of Tour de Fleece.  I got back to it yesterday and finished my Sheep to Shoe kit.
It took almost 2 hours to ply, and I ply pretty fast on my Louet.
I put it on the skein winder and was going to soak it.
Then I stopped and thought about how humid it was and how that huge skein would take some time to dry. I figured I would wait till tonight because the weather is supposed to be dry and sunny this weekend.

Until I looked at  the weather forecast again this morning.
Looks like that skein will be sitting on the winder for while.

Have a great weekend - no matter what your weather forecast is.


Jen said...

Gorgeous!!! I am in awe of your spinning talents! :-) And ouch on the weather forecast. I haven't seen that yet but now I'm bummed :-(

karen said...

Take care of those hands! Glad you took a break, I had to to take a week off of knitting and it was a good thing:)


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