Thursday, July 11, 2013


I haven't done much baby knitting in the last few years.  Lets face it - most of my friends are my age or a bit older and we are done with that phase of life.  I love the fact that some of my friends are getting to the Grandparent stage of life.  One dear friend who lived near me in NY is about to become a grandma again. Her daughter who is expecting was 6 years old when Nicole was born.  She was so excited to help me and I knew she would be a wonderful mom one day.

Well, the day is almost here and she will be having her own little baby.  So of course I had to knit something. My favorite is baby blankets because you just can't have enough of those.  I have been gravitating towards the crocheted granny square.  Mostly because it works up real quick and my favorite blanket from my childhood was a granny square.

I grabbed some leftovers from another baby blanket I had worked on started crocheting.

I had the teal and the purple but I needed to add something to it to brighten it up.  So I went with orange.  I love how it looked.  The colors above a better representation of how it actually looked.  The sun sorta faded the pics below.

I started it while I was on the cruise and within a few days it was done.  It's not huge.  Just a good size to through in the stroller while going for a walk.

She was thrilled with it!

And we are done with baby knitting.  At least for now.


Carole Julius said...

Lucky baby!

Enid said...

a gorgeous unisex blanket well done xxxx


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