Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yarn Along

Time to join Ginny for the Wednesday yarn fun.  I have one baby blanket on the needles almost ready to be bound off.  Since it's a gift I won't show you until it gets to it's final destination.  The baby blanket I was crocheting did make it to the recipient and I can give you a peek at that.
I loved working on this blanket.  It went so fast and it was incredibly soft.
As a spinner I tend to dislike acrylic yarn, but it does have it's uses and for baby items it's a match.  Easy to wash, not much fear of allergies.  It's all good.  I would have crocheted the current blanket I'm finishing but I knew too much crochet would not be a happy thing for my wrist.

So what's on your needles and hooks?


Carole Julius said...

That looks great! I haven't picked up my crochet bag since I got back from vacation but I have been working on socks and a sweater.

karen said...

beautiful and it's getting bigger!!

kathy b said...

I plan to hook a chain for the baby poncho ties. Im knitting a hat to match the baby poncho. Im loving this project


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