Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 On Tuesday

Can somebody please tell me where the month of April has gone?  I cannot believe that tomorrow is May 1st already.  May is a crazy month in our house.  There is lots going on.  So let's talk about 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in the Month of May.

1.  My birthday.  It usually falls on Memorial Day Weekend.  My best friend's b-day is the day before mine so we always have something fun planned.
2.  My anniversary.  This is the beginning of the month.
3.  Mother's Day.  It's the one day a year where I feel no guilt about sitting outside and knitting all day.
4.  The fiber festivals. New Hampshire is the next one for me.  Followed by RI, of course.
5.  Nicole's final high school musical.  I can't believe she is a senior and this is the last one.
6.  Lilacs.  My favorite flower ever!  They are usually in full bloom by my birthday.
7.  More knitting on the deck - without being as bundled up as I was this past weekend.
8.  Baseball games.  I'm looking forward to my first Pawsox game but I refuse to go until I know I won't freeze.  Shall we talk about the year we went for our birthday and it was 30 degrees and raining?  On Memorial Day weekend?  Yeah - that left mental scars and a fear of being cold that didn't exist before.  And a nasty cold that wouldn't leave.
9.  Farmers Markets.  I love doing that on a Saturday morning.
10.  Nicole graduating.  She technically doesn't graduate till June 14th but most of the work and exams (and her stress) will be over in May.  She is ready to move onto college and start the next chapter of her life.


Rebecca said...

what an exciting and event filled month! congrats to your dd

Christi said...

I love when the lilacs are in bloom too. It seems like such a short time.

Last year we saw the Paw Sox in April. It was freezing behind third base because we were in the shade under the cover so we moved out to the berm in the outfield to sit in the sunshine.

Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh, lilacs... my FAVORITE!! May is busy for you!

Beverly said...

I love lilacs, too!

Carole Julius said...

You have a lot to celebrate in May! Enjoy!

Karen Sue said...

I've got my third senior and that year just flies by! Hang on!

Nichole said...

Great month! I may have to hit the fiber festival this month too!

Leslie said...

My lilacs were beautiful the first tow weeks in April, I love them, a sure sign of spring.
Great month ahead for you - wish I could visit the fiber festivals.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot about lilacs. I have one bush next to my house and I even noticed the buds the other day. I love the way they look and smell. They last far too short a time.


karen said...

love the list. My son is a memorial weekend baby, I'd love to go to all those festivals but they are quite a distance. So you HAVE to post photos of each one so i can be there in spirit!

Patty said...

A graduating senior! How exciting. I absolutely loved that time of life with Dan and can't believe it was 3 years ago!

kmkat said...

Heh. I remember the year my husband and I visited my mom in northern MN for the Fourth of July weekend. We had to wear parkas to be outdoors for the fireworks.


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