Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 On Tuesday

Wow - it's been almost a month since I posted.  Time is flying and life is, well - kinda chaotic right now.  We will tackle all that in another post though.  For today it's all about 10 Things I Did This Weekend.

1.  I celebrated my birthday.  I love that it usually falls on a three day weekend so I can celebrate longer!

2.  I procrastinated.  A lot.  My house is a disaster and nothing on my to do list got done.  But it was my birthday so I didn't care.

3.  I did knit.  Not as much as I thought I would though.

4.  I cursed the weather.  At least till Sunday afternoon.  The sun finally came out but it was windy and still felt like winter.

5.  I bought myself a birthday present.

A matching iPhone and iPad case.  I'm like a little kid sometimes.

6.  Went to the dog park.  Poor Mowgli was getting a bit cooped up after those few rainy days and needed to go run with some friends.

7.  Went to dinner.  Of course - another part of my birthday celebration.

8.  Hung my laundry out for the first time this year.  OK - so not such a big deal but I was happy when I brought them in and they smelled like Spring!

9.  Opened up a great gift from my favorite Aunt.
I can't wait to really look through it.

10.  I relaxed.  Without any guilt!


Rebecca said...

good on you for relaxing without any guilt! i need to takea page out of your book (and mostly giev it to my dh who is behind us all the time as soon as we sit "on our butts" lol) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! that cake looks delish! and score on that book- woot!

Beth said...

Happy birthday!

Beth said...

Happy birthday!

Teri said...

First, Happy Birthday! I'd like to hear what you think about the knitting book after you've had a chance to dive into it. I spent some time on number 2 myself. Loved every minute of it.

kathy b said...

Im a little kid all the time then...


Nichole said...

Glad I wasn't the only one cursing the weather... Happy belated birthday!

karen said...

happy birthday! love the present to yourself ;) let us know what you think of the book!!

Gothknits said...

Happy Birthday!
I have to say. I'm jealous you got to hang your laundry out. Not only did it pour buckets here but I still don't have a clothes line (after years of begging)
Love the pattern on your cases.

Libby said...

Happy Belated Birthday. LOVE the matching cases - very cute.


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