Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yarn Along

It's Wednesday and it's time for Yarn Along.  I actually finished the project I found for the Noro yarn I had in my stash and I'll show that tomorrow.  In the meantime I'm doing something very different for me.

I'm not a huge fan of crochet but I do love granny squares.  My first blanket as a baby was a crocheted granny square.  I carried that blanket around with my thumb in my mouth for years (yep - I was a thumb sucker.  And no - my teeth didn't come in crooked or any of the other horrible things they said would happen).  It eventually just wore out and my mom had to toss it.

So I thought my new nephew (who is on his way into the world as I type this) would enjoy a crochet granny square blanket too.
It's fun to do, but my wrists end up hurting if I don't take breaks.  I'm not sure why that motion bothers me yet knitting is fine.  But I know my limits and work within them.

What's on your needles?


Carole Julius said...

I've been crocheting, too, how ironic! Right now I'm really focused on finishing the socks I started on February 1st - it's about time, right?

karen said...

I quit crocheting years ago because it hurt my hands so much. I think I hold the hook too tightly? I did make a granny square afghan for each child and one nephew, the square making was fun the putting together was not as much fun! Love the colors and how nice you're an aunt!!!!

Enid said...

love the colours of the square!!!! I enjoy crochet a wee bit more than knitting.
at the moment, I am knitting fingerless mitts/gloves to accompany a shawl already finished. they are to be sold at a church fair.


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