Thursday, April 4, 2013


I did some Ravelry investigation to see what I could knit up with one skein of my Noro Taiyo.  I love Ravelry for that!  There were quite a few choices.  I knew I wanted some scarf/shawl sort of thing.  The yarn was so soft it needed to be next to my neck.  I started one shawl and it was too complicated to follow.  I wasn't looking for that much intensity at the moment.  So I started Wingspan.  What a fun little pattern!  Very simple.  And it worked well with the Noro color changes.

It stays on my neck nicely - it could use a little shawl pin to fasten it though.

I could have made it bigger but it was the type of scarf that didn't need to be very long.  It actually looked a bit better being shorter.

I would probably knit it again in a different color.  I love that it was done in a few days.  And no blocking necessary!  Speaking of blocking, Pei has an appointment with the blocking needles tonight.  I think I have a way for it to block and not be touched by the four legged creatures in my house.


Carole Julius said...

I've eyed that pattern a few times and I think it would be great for handspun. Nice job on yours!

karen said...

lovely!! My way is in a unused carpeted bedroom with the door closed. Good luck with your way ;)

Enid said...

colours really 'pop' on the wingspan
here or Plurk a pic of you wearing it???

Patty said...



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