Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fiber Confusion

I was planning on showing you my finished and blocked Pei today but I opted to go out to dinner and knit with my bestie instead of blocking.  I worked on the sock but got kinda bored.  So I pulled my fiber back out.
I finished spinning the first bobbin and am ready to start on the second bobbin.  I would love to finish the spinning tonight (probably won't happen - it's cleaning night for me before the weekend) and ply Friday.  I guess ya gotta start with a plan, right?
It was a gradient and I am trying to keep it that way when I ply it.  I have no knitting plans for it yet.  We shall see when it's done.

I am trying to come up with a plan for this.
I bought it with thoughts of weaving it into a scarf last year but I can't seem to find my weaving mojo lately.  I just get more enjoyment out of knitting.  I have a few pink things that it would go with. I only have one skein so my plan today is to jump on Ravelry and see what I can come up with.

So, I'm kinda scattered with my fiber.  Ideas flying all over and can't settle on one thing!


Carole Julius said...

Scattered ideas often lead to greatness! Good luck!

karen said...

I'm sure the fiber will tell you what to do with it eventually. Sometimes it just takes time. Love the blues!!

kathy b said...

Thats okay it is just the crazy spin before the decision!


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