Monday, April 8, 2013


I think it took me longer to get this thing blocked than it did to knit.  It was fun to knit and I think the color changes just make the project look that much better.
Like I said before, enough pattern to keep it interesting but then enough stockinette to give the brain a rest.
I love that neon colors seem to be in this season.  I am seeing them all over the store.  Amazing since I spun this Loop batt last summer.

As for the blocking - I ended up doing it on the kitchen table like I usually do.  And of course the cat sat on it and yes - she loosened the pins and we had to make sure none of them ended up on the floor so Mowgli wouldn't eat them.  Life is always interesting with these guys...


Carole Julius said...

Those colors are awesomely bright!

kathy b said...

What a gorgeous colorful knit finish

and those two trouble makers are darn cute

Enid said...

looks fantastic


karen said...

Wow that is beautiful and I can't believe you spun that!! Lovely :) Your cat and dog look like twins!

Patty said...

Your cat and dog do look like twins! The PEI is beautiful. I've knit a couple - very satisfying!


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