Monday, April 29, 2013


We had a great weekend!  The weather was almost perfect (the breeze off the water is still chilly at this time of year so it's never really WARM), a lot of time was spent outside, and there was the CT Sheep and Wool Fesitval.
Pretty fleece, huh?  Nope - I didn't buy it. I still have one I bought there a couple of years ago that needs to be carded and spun.  That's my project this summer.
I just love this bunny.  I really wish I didn't have such an awful allergy to angora.  I would add  this little guy to the assortment of pets at home.
He would fit right in there, don't ya think?  We have been wanting to take a picture of Mowgli next to the little statue for a while because we thought it was so cool that one was black, the other white and they were the same size.  We waited too long because he's twice the size of the statue now.
And it's my first official knitting on the deck picture of 2013.  It only lasted a little while because it was too breezy.  It was fun while it lasted.  I brought the party inside though.

How was your weekend?


Sarah S said...

Looks like a really nice weekend!
I snuck back to RI for one day to help my new roomie move in! She's not a crafter, but I cant wait for all my spinning friends to get to meet her (peer pressure??)!

karen said...

I'm allergic to angora as well :( I was sitting outside on Saturday but did not take the knitting. One day soon, but not today it's rainy!!

Carole Julius said...

I spent quite a bit of time Saturday and Sunday on the deck. Did some knitting and reading and it was awesome to be outside!

kathy b said...

Your toes look pretty! I got a pedi this weekend. MUCH needed after a long winter. WE opened our porch yesterday too!!!

That bunny is a fluffy darling and your dog is adorable in that pose

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Supposed to get warm here starting today; can't wait to do a bit of knitting...outside. :) Welcome, spring! Happy knitting, ~Lisa


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