Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yarn Along

I debated even doing a Yarn Along post today.  I haven't gotten much knitting done since the weekend.  Monday I was tired and cold.  And yesterday I was just so darn cold that my left hand was hurting.  I thought giving the hands a break for the night would be a good idea.  But I did make a tiny bit of progress, so here ya go.
It's hard to really see the pattern because it keeps rolling up.  I'm sure a good blocking will fix that.  I tried to roll it out a bit but I don't think it helped to get the picture.
Nicole has a chorus concert at school tonight so I'm hoping to maybe get some work done on it there.  I'm not sure if I will be able to follow a pattern and keep the iPad on though so I may have to resort to some sock knitting.

Reading - mostly forums on dog training.  Mowgli had his first class yesterday and did fairly well.  I love the trainer and she adores Mowgli.  I think this will be a good fit.

So what's on your needles these days?


kathy b said...

A great dog trainer who loves your dog is essential.

Im working on some lovely socks

StephieKnits said...

Socks are always my default knitting too! I am glad to here that the class was good yesterday!

karen said...

Glad the doggy class went well. Love the green and blue together. You should always do YA because how can we see what's going on in the knitting world?

tess said...

Good luck knitting at that concert! Your project is looking good!


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