Thursday, March 21, 2013

How Did I Do That?

I have been making an attempt to update my Ravelry page a little more often.  I downloaded the "Yarma" app onto my iPhone,  which makes it easier to put the pictures of your projects up.  I was doing some Rav updating yesterday and I realized that I never did a blog post on my completed Crosswords at The Coffee Shop shawlette.  
This has by far, been  my favorite project of 2013.  I loved the way my yarn came out.  It is so soft.  I even bought some more in a different colorway from Corgi Hill Farm. It feels great next to the skin.
What I find hilarious is that I was in such a rush to get pictures of the finished object so I could post them (it was a cold, grey day out - but hey, what else is new?).  And I totally forgot. 
It looked great after it was blocked.  The pattern really stood out.
And not am I totally in love with the colors, I love the way they change.
I know I will be making this again. I have been getting lots of use out of it on my walks with Mowgli lately.  Now let me go back on Ravelry and see what else I forgot to blog about....


kathy b said...

What a fantastic finish....I LOVE LOVE LOVE it
the colors are so pretty together and the shot in the snow is perfect

Carole Julius said...

I love it and those color changes are awesome!

karen said...

So beautiful, the pattern and the colors!!!!


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