Friday, February 8, 2013

As Good As It Gets

This is as prepared as we can be for the weekend.  I'm thankful to live as close to the water as we do.  We may only see between 1 and 2 feet of snow.  Those to the north are rumored to get 3 feet.  We have candles and batteries for flashlights.  The Ipad, computers and phones are charged.  The wood is stacked by the stove.   And if we do lose power we are tossing the food from the refrigerator into the snow.   Enjoy your weekend!


Carole Julius said...

Stay safe and warm and enjoy all the knitting time!

Gale NoName said...

I've shovelled twice so far today. What about you?

karen said...

I hope you keep your power!!!! Keep us posted and stay warm :) oh and knit a lot too :)

Enid said...

hopefully, you will be safe take care, Donna


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