Monday, February 11, 2013


The blizzard is over.  It was quite a weekend!  Our time was spent
Keeping wood in the fire
Being thankful for that stove since it was keeping us warm, cooking us food, and giving us hot water
I did some knitting and some spinning
We got to spend Sunday watching basketball all day since the power came back on in the afternoon
There was the obvious shoveling of snow (which I did not participate in)
And the eventual venturing out to see what the rest of the neighborhood looked like
Now it's Monday and we are getting back to normal
And preparing for more snow later in the week

Did you have a fun weekend?


Carole Julius said...

We were snowed in, too, but we never lost power. And I'm home today because there was still no power at work. I think tomorrow things will be back to normal!

karen said...

I had a super dull weekend, which I loved. Glad to know that you're okay and that power was restored. Stay warm and knit away!!


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