Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yarn Along

The past few days have been productive - knitting wise at least.  The only reading I'm doing is reading my pattern for "Crosswords at The Coffee Shop".  It's not real difficult, but it's enough that I need to pay attention.  I'm anxious to get to the garter stitch part of it because I'll be able to count it as some "mindless knitting" time.

It's difficult to really see the pattern.  I love how the gradient looks.  I'm almost up to the raspberry color.  And it is the softest yarn ever!

I plan to finish it this week so I can start working on my sweater.  I swatched already so it's ready to go!

Joining Ginny in Yarn Along.


Elisabeth Andree said...

Love the pattern and I love the yarn you use! Very pretty!

Carole Julius said...

That's a really pretty pattern, especially for that yarn.

Tracey said...

You can tell even through the screen how soft that yarn is, it must feel like a dream!

karen said...

I love gradient yarn and have only knit with it once. For some reason I forget to look for it when I'm in a shop so I forget to purchase it. lovely colors in your yarn!

Kathy said...

Are those your markers? I love them! The knit is just lovely too!


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