Thursday, January 31, 2013

Of Projects Not Blogged About

Over the retreat weekend a bunch of us were talking about our favorite apps for our Ipads and Iphones.  One person mentioned Yarma.  It's an app that lets you load pictures from your camera right into your Ravelry project page. This is great for somebody like me who tends to take a lot of pictures from my phone.  So I went through my pictures and started to update my Ravelry page.  I realized that I have a lot of updating to do!  I also realized that there are some finished projects that I never shared on the blog.

Like my Hitchhiker.

I showed a lot of in progress pictures because it took me a while to finish it.  It became my mindless knitting for while.  I like the pattern.  I think I would like it better with different yarn.  The Zauerball almost seems too "flimsy", so to speak.

I still love the colors.  It's so bright and vibrant.

And it helps to cheer me up.  Especially on a rainy windy day like today!


Carole Julius said...

The colors are great and it's a fun pattern. I know what you mean about that yarn being flimsy. I knit my Hitchhiker with Wollmeise and it is SO cushy and sproingy, I just love it. I think I'm going to wear it up to SPA today, in fact.

Hannah said...

It's beautifully vibrant - well done!


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