Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yarn Along

Well, I am moving right along with my 50 Shades.  I will probably be done with the second book by the weekend.  I am liking the second one better than the first.  I'm curious to see what the third one is all about.

I haven't knit a stitch in days.  By the time I get to sit on the couch at night I am just, well, tired.  I guess my body is still recovering from whatever that bug was from last week (which we have now spread to the hubby).

We went out yesterday to do some shopping and it became evident that Halloween is upon us.  I had to buy this cool pinwheel pen with the neat Halloween colors.

I know - I'm like a big child.  You wind it up and the pinwheel spins.  Simple things make me happy - what can I tell ya?  So you can imagine my excitement when I saw these this morning.

And then it occurred to me that this year I promised I would knit a pair of  Halloween striped socks for myself.  And time is running out.  So I promptly ordered this

Kinda matches the pinwheel a bit huh?  And can you believe that this is the FIRST sock yarn I have bought all year?  So I'm hoping this will come in from Brazen Stitchery by next week and I can cast on.  In the meantime I will continue on My Hope and Color Affection.

Joining Ginny to see what everyone else has on their needles these days.  How about you?


karen said...

LOVE the sock colors so festive :) And no I cannot believe that you have only just bought the first skein of the year. But then you are a talented spinner and I bet you spin all of your yarn.

Carole Knits said...

I'm desperately trying to finish that shawl. Think I can sneak in a few rows while I'm sitting in my office this afternoon?

wifemomknitter said...

The second and third books of that series are much better than the first.

Love that sock yarn!

Jen said...

I LOVE pinwheels too! It helps that I have a 2 year old that loves them too so I just pretend I buy them for her. When they're for me too ;-) I also love love love the sock yarn! I've had "fall" yarn in my stash for a few years now and I've declared this is the year I will knit it up into fall socks. I think I need some halloween socks too though!


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