Monday, September 24, 2012


Busy but fun weekend!  I think I was trying to make up for all the down time I had last week.

I wound some yarn for the next project
Which does turn out to be My Hope.

Almost everyone voted for my handspun with pink and green.  I am absolutely in love with that yarn myself.  However, I don't have the perfect pattern picked out yet so I didn't feel right about using it.  I poked around on Ravelry over the weekend to see if something struck me but nothing sparked a flame.  So it will go back into the stash to marinate for a little while longer.  Hitchhiker is done is is awaiting some weaving of the ends and will then get a proper photo shoot.

The rest of the weekend included
cleaning and lots of throwing out of old items
fighting discussing with hubby items that needed to be thrown out
helping mom get ready for the grand opening of her kitchen & bath design studio Friday
watching football
ordering my new iPhone 5
upgrading Nicole to an iPhone since she now has a job to pay for her data plan
watching movies
having the parents over for dinner
removing air conditioners and getting the house ready for fall

How was your weekend?


Carole Knits said...

I love the colors in that yarn. Your weekend sounds pretty darn good.

karen said...

love your yarn cake!! :( I cannot upgrade until February--at least that is the earliest. Lucky lucky you!!

kathy b said...

Ordering new Iphone...Im jealous. .........

LOVE that yarn. IT is so autumn. I usually stay away from yellows, but those tones are lush


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