Friday, September 21, 2012

What's Next

Well I feel like half a human so that is good compared to what I felt like the last few days.  For me to be sick enough to stay home from work for a couple of days - let's just say that it is very out of character for me.

One would think that with all that time at home that I got some knitting done.  That would be wrong.  I was so restless I couldn't even sit for more than 10 minutes.  It was like I had ants in my pants.  I didn't even read.  But we are moving on and as my Hitchhiker is finally coming to an eventual end I am trying to figure out what to cast on next.  I want to use one of these yarns.
Yes, that is my still warped loom sitting empty.  I don't see me weaving on that for a little while.  Sigh.... I am leaning towards this yarn since the colors are so in season right now.
I have about 650 yards.  I was thinking about My Hope which only calls for about 450 yards.  I was thinking I could add another section and make it a bit bigger.  Or maybe something totally different.

I'm open to suggestions.  Any ideas?


Gale NoName said...

The one on the right! Use the one on the right!

margene said...

Just happy to hear you're doing better and you feel like knitting again. Take care of yourself!

Carole Knits said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Love the colors of the yarn in that last photo.

Angela said...

Those autumn colors look like fantastic motivation to get on the loom! (I hear ya, though, mine is empty, not even warped at present. Easier to work on more mobile knitting and spindle spinning at the moment.). Look forward to seeing what the finished weaving looks like.


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