Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yarn Along

I wasn't sure if I was even going to link to Yarn Along today.  Reading is non-existent lately unless you want to include Ravelry and Plurk.  I haven't really knit anything.  Oh wait - that's not true.  I did complete the first chart on Evenstar, but it essentially looks the same so taking a picture of that would be boring.  I have been making yarn, so I guess that counts right?  Here's the progress thanks to Tour de Fleece.

The two pretty sparkly batts were spun and plied.

I think this is destined to make it on my loom.  A scarf?  I can imagine it dressing up a plain black shirt somehow.

It wasn't my favorite fiber to spin because of the inconsistency (which is how it's meant to turn out) but I like the bright colors!

This is the one I am in LOVE with.

I bought two identical braids of dyed roving.  It was a gradient and I wanted to spin it that way.  I spun each four ounce on different bobbins then plied them together.  The colors matched up perfectly.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Are you seeing my lettuce growing?  Yeah - I figured I'd do a little garden update too (not really - the lighting was good on the deck and the lettuce happened to be there).  This yarn will definitely become a shawl.  Pattern to be determined at some point.  Onto the next fiber.........


Jen said...

Ohhhh they are soooo pretty!!! And I'm laughing because your lettuce looks EXACTLY like what my husband is insisting is eggplant plants in our garden. I told him I thought it was lettuce but he said nope. I think he may be in for a surprise ;-)

pinkundine said...

Wow, gorgeous yarns, I love them :) The top one is particularly fab, I love the colours :)

Conservative Knit Mom said...

So much going on in your home. Lovely wool. WOW what will they be? Wonderful job!

swanski said...

Beautiful! You are so talented at spinning. I love the bottom one.

Natalie Buehler said...

I love the black yarn, really nice!

Erin said...

Ohh I just love the bottom yarn-so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog! blessing


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