Thursday, July 12, 2012


listening - the fan humming

eating - nothing yet but there is a blueberry muffin waiting for me (made with the blueberries off our bush - how cool is that?)

drinking - orange juice

wearing - grey capris and black t shirt

weather - total beach weather - sunny without a cloud in the sky

knitting - picked up the Circle Sock last night simply because my hand is starting to get sore from all the spinning I have done

reading - still got those Shades of Grey pages turning.  Book 2

wanting - my head ache to go away.  It's not awful but you know it's there.  Blah

needing - to get a pedicure. These feet need some attention.  I opted for the manicure this week though because I figured a good hand massage was in order from all the spinning I have been doing

enjoying - spinning down my stash.  It has felt like a huge accomplishment

looking forward - the weekend is almost here.  Not sure what the plans are yet other than a visit from friends on Saturday

wondering - what goodies they are selling at the new organic farm stand that just opened up.  I have been in a hurry to get home every night this week so I haven't been able to check it out

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