Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So This Is The Plan

I have been loving Tour de Fleece.  I have spun and plied 9 oz and I have another 8 oz to ply tonight.  That will put my Tour total at 1 pound 1 oz.  I spun most of my new fiber and decided it was time to dig in the stash and get some spinning done there.  There is still 2 more new fibers I want to spin for the Tour, but I want to spin some stash first.  If I get the stash done, then my reward will be the new fiber.

This all got me thinking to the Knitting Olympics (I've lost track of what we are allowed to call it, so for my purposes it's still the KO).  I still hadn't decided what to knit.  The last Olympics I completed a sweater.  I certainly have enough yarn/fiber for that.  So let's go for it!  I got my Raglanify app so that is the pattern I will use.  The fiber:
What is it?  I can't really tell you.  You see, when I bought my Kromski Polonaise wheel from my friend Pat this was the fiber she had been spinning on it.  She was sweet enough to give it to me.  It was bought from Touch of Twist and his bumps are usually a blend of romney and bfl.  I have 1 pound 13 oz.  Sounds promising, but the fact is I think I will have just enough fiber for the sweater.  I will have to spin it thinner than I usually do.  Pat spun 8 oz. and had given it to me.
She spins thinner than I do, so this will be a bit of a challenge.  I love the color and I should hopefully start spinning it tonight!

So the tour continues, I do some stash busting, I have my KO project planned out and in the end I should have a pretty sweater.  As long as all goes according to plan...  But hey, what could go wrong?


Beth said...

Great plan! I love the fiber color. It will be a beautiful sweater!

Carole Knits said...

Oh, nothing at all could go wrong! Sounds like a great plan!


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