Thursday, June 14, 2012

Helpful Hints

As I wind down on my Oaklet Shawl, I am getting ready to cast on Evenstar.  I have seen a few people complete this and when I looked and admired it, I thought "No way am I ever attempting that.  It's way too complicated."  Last month I had seen another one pop up and a slightly insane small voice said "why not give it a try."  I have had this yarn in the stash for 2 years and hadn't decided what to do with it.

I believe it is Cherry Tree Hill lace weight.  I had tried a couple of projects with this and I don't particularly like knitting with such a fine yarn.  This was the reason I bought the Signature Needles with Stiletto Points - I am told that this makes a huge difference in being able to work with such fine yarn.

So do you have an hints for this project?  I am thinking of enlarging the charts to make it easier to see and using a post it note to follow.  I know I need to use a row counter.  I'm sure I will need all my stitch markers.

I asked the cat for her thoughts.  She thinks I'm insane too.  No help there....  And WHY is she on my table again???


Haileysmomscat said...

Use life lines!!!

Carole Knits said...

Here's my hint: pick a different project! lol.

Gale NoName said...

I absolutely find row counters to be useless. Particularly when forgetting to click it up. To help me keep track of where I am in a project, I tie a strand of contrasting yarn off at the bottom of the project. Every 5 rows, I flip that strand from one side of the work to another. This gives me a very quick and easy visual cue when keeping a row count is important. Every 10 or 20 flips, I might tie on another bit of yarn to mark 50 or 100 rows, if keeping track of that is important. This method also comes in handy when making 2 of something - like sleeves - because you can easily see where you started shaping on the first piece when working the second.

Iris said...

A method I have used for years when knitting a complex lace chart is to run a highlighter over the row that I just finished knitting. That way I know that all the highlighted rows are done, and the row I am working on is the first unhighlighted row.

Now they have removable highlighter tape which I haven't tried, but it looks like fun.

Thanks, Gale, for the yarn flipping idea for keeping track of which row you're on in the actual knitting.

CeltChick said...

@ Gale: I've seen this technique mentioned elsewhere, and it sure sounds easy.
Your yarn looks lovely! Purpley & green, just about my fave combo of colors.

Iris said...

P.S. Dental floss makes the best reusable life line material.

Jen said...

Wow good for you to try it! I'm not that adventurous yet. Could be because of a certain 2 year old that needs to come sit in my lap & "help" whenever the needles come out ;-)


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