Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm joining the Yarn Along today - although there has been NO reading whatsoever and  knitting has been non-existent.  I can, however, show you what is about to go onto my wheel.
My first Loop bump.  I was able to catch Steph's shop update a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you - it's insane.  If you see something you like you better grab it quick, put it in your cart and check out before anybody can cart-jack you.  I think I am going to knit it as a single so I can make a little shawl.  There is about 5.7 oz.  This one is called Mirage and as soon as I can't wait to start spinning!

What are you working on these days?


Jen said...

I love seeing your posts about spinning. It's so intriguing! I'm soooo sorry about you all missing all these wonderful thunder storms! I never thought about the bay not being friendly towards them. I love thunderstorms and we don't get enough for my liking!

Heather said...

someday i will learn to looks like such a fun skill to have. i have to add it to my very long list of life goals i have...although i may need to live until 150 before i can actually accomplish them all!

Evelyn said...

Basically, I'm in awe! Gorgeous!

Swanski said...

Can't wait to see how it spins up! Lovely colors :)

Carole Knits said...

I must be out of the loop - I've never seen that before. I'm resisting clicking the link!

cpcable said...



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