Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 On Tuesday

I'm joining Carole in her 10 on Tuesday list because it's definitely something I can relate to.  I'm all about lists these days (I'm especially motivated this week - more motivated to make the list, not quite as motivated to get tasks done, but hey - writing it down is progress) so this was good timing.

10 Items on Your Spring To Do List

1.  Organize items for yard sale.  I hate doing it, but it kills me to throw out things that others can use (and hey, why not make a little extra money?).  Whatever doesn't sell goes right to the Salvation Army.

2.  Card my fleece.  I wanted to work on it over the winter, but this really is an outdoor job.  There are small bits of hay and dirt that fly around and doing it inside makes me sneeze.

3.  Shop at the Farmers Market.  The local ones are starting up and I'm excited to see what they have to offer this year.

4.  Plant the annuals in the front yard.  Hubby is taking care of this one.  Pansies are my favorite so he's waiting to see them at the nursery.

5.  Plant lettuce in my planters on the back deck.  I started the seeds inside but kitty decided she couldn't control herself any longer and dug up my plants.

6.  Pedicure time.  I don't really get many pedicures over the winter because I hardly ever see my feet behind my wool socks, but now that it's sandal time bring on the massage chair and nail polish.

7.  Sheep & Wool Festival time.  Last week was NH, this weekend is RI (I promise a recap on NH sometime this week) and the following week is MA.  I'm not sure if I will make it to MA because Memorial Day Weekend is always a busy one.

8.  General outdoor clean up.  While hubby keeps the lawn and landscaping beautiful, there are parts of our yard that look like, errrr, the backwoods of Tennessee shall we say?  We have 3 barbecues, 3 smokers, a couple of fire pits, 4 bicycles (we have no garage or shed so that can't be helped) an assortment of planters and miscellaneous items.  Here is where him and I disagree.  I'm willing to go along with the 3 of each thing (I have 3 spinning wheels - I understand the concept).  However, we only have so much room so not everything can stay.  We will battle that out through the summer, or whoever just caves in first.

9.  Get the boat in the water.  Again - this is hubby's project, as I could care less about the boat.  You see, when you are raised with a boat from the time you can walk, and every single weekend, family vacation, holiday, or day that the temperature rises above 70 degrees (we have gone on the boat on Christmas Eve some years - and no, we didn't live in the south, we lived in NY) is spent on that boat - by the time you are an adult you just kinda say "No thank you".

10.  Clean the cars.  Mine was recently done before we went on our trip, but hubby's two cars will need a good cleaning.  My daughter's car will surely be cleaned since it's new to her (and you have that kind of time when you are a teenager).  All the salt and sand from the winter gets embedded in the carpets and it just needs a good overall cleaning for summer cruising.

What's on your To Do List this Spring?


Carole Knits said...

You must have a really big yard! Good luck with all your projects.

Mary said...

love the blue pedicure! ...and I smiled about the pansies. here in georgia we plant them in october so they can bloom through the "winter" :-)

Sarah said...

Really good list.
I look forward to seeing how some of that stuff (besides the lovely pedi) turns out!!


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