Thursday, May 17, 2012

NH Sheep & Wool - The Brief Version

I actually made the effort to take pictures at NHS&W this year.  I usually go and get so carried away with the fiber and fun that I neglect the camera entirely.  Not this year.  I took some with the phone to share on Instagram (I actually felt like I kind of experienced MDS&W this year through Instagram thanks to all who posted pics on there) and Plurk.  I had the camera in hand at all times to catch things as they happened.  Unfortunately I am having a problem downloading some of my pics, so until I can get that worked out, here are a couple.

Backtrack here for a minute - this year NH was held in a different venue.  It was closer to me by about 15 minutes so I was happy with that.  The food selections were great - a huge variety.  The fair grounds were nice.  I know of a couple of vendors who were rejected and I'm not sure why - there was at least one more barn that was completely empty and could have fit 20 more vendors.  My one complaint - the flooring in the outdoor barns.  It was made up of sawdust and hay.  And it was windy.  Need I say more?  I ran through that part of the fair, not really checking out the vendors, because I was sneezing and coughing.

This was the first vendor we visited.
Don't ask me the name, all I remember was that they had a great 1 skein sweater available (pattern & yarn) for $15.  I resisted, especially when I realized that 1 skein of anything is never going to fit around this girls body, and that it would take at least 2 skeins, making it $30.

I resisted this fleece.
It wasn't really difficult.  I do love shetland, but I still have that fleece sitting that needs to be carded, so I breathed in some wool fumes and off I went.

I couldn't resist this face and took several pictures as he was humming to me.
What a sweetie.  Thank goodness I have small piece of land or I could be dangerous.

I did buy a sweater pattern.  I just loved this mitered square cardigan on the right in the background.  I am going to use up my left over hand spun for it.
And how can you not love a nun at a sheep and wool festival?


Evelyn said...

I love sheep & wool fairs ... you never know what (and who) you're going to see. Yes, the nun photo made my day!

Carole Knits said...

You know, going to these things is not about resistance. You are supposed to BUY stuff! lol.

Iris said...

Great cardigan for handspun - I can just see that in the colors you tend to spin. That will be beautiful!


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