Monday, May 14, 2012


listening - to computer hum

eating - still deciding on that one

drinking - wanting some iced coffee but haven't quite gotten to it

wearing - black pants, pink shirt with beads

weather - sunny right now but rain coming soon (what else is new?)

knitting - Pipers Journey shawl and that's it.  I never even picked up my needles once this weekend.  That's a first for Mother's Day weekend for me.  I usually spend the day knitting/spinning

wanting - to start spinning my fiber from NH and also the Loop Batt that came in the mail

needing - to organize the upcoming week and my To Do List

enjoying - the peace and quiet right now.  It won't last long

looking forward - to this week in general - I have a lot of things to accomplish and I love to look at my list of crossed off tasks.  At the end of the busy week we have RI Sheep and Wool Festival

wondering - how the garden is doing.  My little seedlings weren't looking too good last time


Carole Knits said...

I don't mind rain on the weekdays so long as it's sunny on the weekend! So NH was good?

Mary said...

what a cute photo! (is it a llama?) it's nice when Monday presents itself as a happy beginning to the week, isn't it? enjoy!!

Jen said...

I've wanted an iced coffee all day but have been too lazy to go buy one. I should make some to put in the fridge. That way I'll still get one when I'm lazy! :-)


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