Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn Along

This week I am joining Ginny on her Yarn Along.

I ripped the heel out and after watching a tutorial on how to do an afterthought heel from the KnitGirlls and will tackle that tonight during the Celtics game. 


I started it a few months ago and got sidetracked.  It's a true story about a city girl who falls in love with a farmer, gets married and moves to a farm in Vermont.  I'm trying to finish by the weekend since I ordered this yesterday. 

Why can't I live without sleep?  I have said for years that I could get so  much more accomplished. 


Carole Knits said...

My fingers are crossed that the heel technique works!

Jen said...

Ohhh the color is gorgeous. I don't have a post for today's knit along because my knitting has all the sudden taken a back seat to embroidery. I miss knitting though so I'm off to find something to cast on this afternoon!

Mary said...

...and that you figure out how to live without sleep (and share the secret with all of us!)

Heather said...

I loved the Dirty Life! What a great book. I really get into those back to the land, true story books. Always makes me want to move to 20 acres and farm. But, since I won't be moving anytime soon, I instead concentrate on "farming" my .2 acres :-)


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