Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I read Carole's post today and it made me laugh.  I had just cleaned out my purse yesterday so I can easily name 10 things in there.

10 Things In Your Purse

1.  Knitting. It's usually a pair of socks but sometimes I can fit the beginnings of a shawl in there.
2.  Lipstick.  I don't put it on until I get in the car and I never know what mood I might be in, so I bring them all (4 different ones).
3.  Wallet.  Right now I have a nice long one that matches my bag and fits everything I need in there.
4.  My Nook.  I'm trying to get better with reading and it's great to pull out and knit while I read if I get a spare moment.
5.  Deposit tickets.  I don't write many checks but I do make frequent deposits, so I just keep a stack in my purse (you would think that would mean I have a lot of money in there but alas, so not true).
6.  My Iphone.  It goes everywhere with me.  And like I said, I rarely use it as a phone.
7.  Tweezers.  As I get older, there is a lot of miscellaneous tweezing of the face going on at any moment in time.  My friends of European descent will understand this.
8.  Pens.  I keep a varied assortment in there.
9.  Eyeglasses and sunglasses. 
10.Camera.  If I have it with me, I take more pictures.  And that makes the blog more fun!


Carole Knits said...

I love that you carry your tweezers with you!

Kym said...

Nice list! It's funny . . . how much the same our lists all are, isn't it?

margene said...

Love the bag! We all seem to have similar things in our purses. My bag is very small as I'll fill it with too much stuff and not be able to carry it around!

Chantelle said...

Knit while you read. That threw me. You are definitely at a higher level than I am!! I can soort of watch tv while I knit, but half the time I realize that I forgot to switch stitches or lost my count somewhere (and have no idea where), and end up having to frog it.

Merry Karma said...

(Slinking quietly to bathroom to locate a pair of tweezers for the purse...)

Honoré said...

Always have to have some reading with me too!

kathy b said...

THis is a very fine Carole post.......
I keep my tweezers in my purse too

Mary said...

here's to lip color choices! and to a very fun color for your purse - love it!!


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