Friday, March 2, 2012

Raspberry Cowl

After looking and petting my purdy raspberry yarn that I finished spinning, I decided it was so soft it was worthy of sitting on my neck.  I'm not a huge scarf fan, so a cowl of sorts is what I was aiming for.  I knit and frogged several patterns but none of them worked with the yarn.  So of course, I had to knit my own thing.  Shocking huh?  Behold the Raspberry Cowl.

It's actually a long loop

And the great part

It's long enough to keep my neck warm AND my ears too.  Absolute love.

Close up.  I love the way the colors came together.  You really can't beat hand spun yarn.

The pattern was simple and it's a great stash buster for that soft hand spun you have in your stash but don't quite know what to do with it.  I started with 8 oz.  Store bought yarn in a bulky weight would work well too.

I'm working on putting the pattern in a PDF with a link on the side bar.  If anybody wants me to email them the PDF just let me know in the comments. 

Raspberry Cowl


-approximately 300 yards of bulky yarn (I used hand spun)

-US size 11 (-- mm) 24” circular needle

-tapestry needle


Using US size 11 24” circular needle cast on 150 stitches with long tail cast on method

Join in the round and place marker

Rows 1-2 Purl

Rows 3-10 Knit

Rows 11-13 Purl

Rows 14-23 Knit

Rows 24-26 Purl

Rows 27-35 Knit

Rows 36-37 Purl

Bind off loosely

Weave in ends


Carole Knits said...

The colors are so pretty - good for you for coming up with the perfect pattern for your handspun!

Heather said...

Very cool! I have thought about making a big loop cowl, but thought it might take too long. I get really impatient when I am knitting...which is why I have 400 projects going at the same time :-)

Jen said...

Ohhhh it's so pretty!! I love the idea of a loop cowl that can also keep ears warm!

Libby said...

That cowl is gorgeous. And it's something even a novice like myself could probably manage :-). That colour is gorgeous.

sarah said...


SleepyEyes said...

Beautiful Cowl! Great design!


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