Thursday, March 1, 2012

On The Needles

What's NOT on my needles would be a better question.  I have a case of startitis like never before.  Besides working on the socks I had found over the weekend, I cast on another pair.
Why?  Well, the other pair is a rib pattern, which I have to somewhat pay attention to.  These are knit and knit and knit and require very little attention.  I can knit and do other things at the same time with these babies.

I cast on my Elowen shawl last night.  This requires following the pattern and a lot of attention.  I am about 16 rows in and I think I have the main section memorized so I think it will go a bit faster. 

I also discovered Pipers Journey by Paula from the Knitting Pipeline.  I am using great restraint here to not cast this on, as I think it won't require much attention and I can also multi task with this project.  Speaking of Knitting Pipeline, how many of you listen to Knitting Podcasts?  I have a bunch that I listen to.  I will devote an entire post to that one day. 

It also occurred to me that my niece's birthday is in 3 weeks and I promised her a new blanket to go with her new room.  Time to warp the loom... 


Gale NoName said...

Those two shawls are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you chose for Elowen.

Carole Knits said...

I've never gotten into podcasts of any kind but I'm not sure why. I know just what you mean about ribbed socks vs. stockinette socks.

calicokitty6 said...

(Oops. I accidently deleted my first comment.)

I plan to cast on a plain pair of socks to take on my retreat later this month. I'm also working on a patterned pair.

Your shawl choices are both lovely. I might have to add them to my queue.

I watch a lot of podcasts while knitting and spinning. There's a list on the left side of my blog if you want to check them out. There's also an audio list.


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