Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Well hello there - it's been a few weeks.  It's nothing personal - I just haven't been very active "socially".  In real life I have been having fun so let's talk about it. It's actually great timing with Carole's prompt today.  Here are five of the best things I did this summer:

1.  Took our annual trip to the Cape.  We made a couple of different stops this time, including Cape Cod Beer and Cape Cod Chips.  We went to a different beach (which I can't remember the name of but it was a small one).  We had our favorite pizza from Joey's, checked out the town of Hyannis and relaxed.  

2.  I did a lot of spinning outside.  Some at events like this past weekend at the Pardon Grey Reserve which is right in my town.  

3.  I spent a lot of time near the water.  I found a lot of peace there.  I love the sounds and the smells (unless it's low tide - ick!)

4.  We worked on the back yard and did some rearranging.  The deck was rebuilt and we spent a lot of time outdoors.  We even got an outdoor heater to extend the season!  Surprisingly we haven't had to use it yet.  

5.  We went to the boat races in our back yard.  It's always a lot of fun and it wasn't nearly as hot as it was last year!

And now the reality is that Fall will be upon us.  I do love this time of year.  And I have some fun plans.

1.  I'm going to Rhinebeck!  I wasn't sure if it was going to happen but it is and can you believe it will be my first Sheep and Wool of the year?
2.  Reading.  I read a lot over the summer and I intend to keep it up now that the cooler weather is coming.
3.  Going back to the Cape.  We will be our there again in a couple of weeks for an extended weekend to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday (I know - how did THAT  happen?).
4.  Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I have already been starting my Pinterest lists.
5.  Knitting some sweaters.  I already started one and hope to get another one done by Christmas (I actually have two that I started last year that I'm undecided on - I will continue with them or rip them back).

So tell me about your Summer (since I have been sorta absent) and what fun stuff you have planned for this Fall.


Vera said...

Nice list! Rhinebeck - I'm envious. I've been to MDSW twice and the Finger Lakes Fiber Fest the other year. Beautiful sunset photo!

AsKatKnits said...

Nice lists! I am also envious of Rhinebeck!! My garden was the tops of the summer, and I am looking forward to a fall visit to family!

Carole said...

Great lists for both seasons. Hooray for going back to Cape Cod! It's lovely there in the fall.

Bonny said...

What a great summer, and your fall sounds wonderful. May the lines be short at Rhinebeck and hopefully we'll get some real fall weather soon - it's in the 90s here this week!

Susan said...

So, is one of those sweaters a Rhinebeck sweater???? I don't think I'm going to be able to take the time to go this year, so I shall live vicariously through those of you who do.

mamasmercantile said...

You certainly had a full Summer sounds like great fun. We are just sorting our diaries out for the Autumn but hoping for a break away.

karen said...

how very exciting to be going to Rhinebeck, I know you will have a fabulous time. You have been quiet but you are having fun. I cannot believe she will be 21!!!

kathy b said...

GLad you had a wonderful OUTDOOR summer. :)
Two sweaters by Christmas? Wow . That's a great goal.

We moved from chicago to Lake Geneva area. It was a stressful as everyone warned. Now we are so peaceful out in the country.
Entertaining our Chicago pals who have made the one and a half trip up. .Lots of laughter lots of fun.

Rhinebeck! I am jealous.

In my future: knitting
a giveaway
Halloween fun and first season in the countryside
Feeling so blessed


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