Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yarn Along

Long time, no blog!  I kind of took the summer off.  There wasn't a whole lot of knitting done and life became the "summer usual".  But now there is lots of stuff on the needles so let's chat.

I'm working on a version of the Campside Cardi.  I say "version" because the pattern does not have larger sizes (which annoys me sometimes, I have to tell ya).  So what I am doing is using the top of Less Is More and the bottom of Campside.  So I will have a Frankensweater of sorts.  I'm using some of my hand spun stash which is an alpaca/shetland wool blend.  I have had it for years and I'm thrilled to finally be using it.

Reading - there has been a lot of that going on this summer.  Right now I'm reading Casting About by Teri DuLong which is part of the Cedar Key series. Very light reading and I am enjoying it.

So what's on you needles these days?


steph said...

I LOVE 'frankensweater'!!! perfect. I'm sure it will be wonderful! (Freddy spotted a cocker in your picture...leave it to him not to miss a buddy!!!)

Carole said...

Your handspun looks so lofty, it will be perfect for that sweater. I'm knitting a shawl and some socks. Sounds boring but I've actually been knitting again and that's a good thing!

AsKatKnits said...

Frankensweater, lol! I love that term. Beautiful handspun! And, glad you are back - I have some completions in the knitting column, which is a very good thing!

Joy said...

FrankenSweater! HA. I have to remember that one. I totally agree with you on stuff not coming in larger sizes. It drives me batty, and I'm not quite experienced enough as a knitter to sort of expand the patterns myself. That gray is gorgeous. I knitted my husband a scarf in similar color and I swore that when I had more skills I was going to go back and make a cardigan in that colorway because I love it.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love your yarns Donna, just beautiful! I can't wait for the day when you can teach me :)
I am working on a Shalom Cardigan that I had to size up, not my favorite thing to do so I'm hoping it fits.

PS- I hope you do join in on the silverleaf knit along, there is no time limit.

elns said...

I'm so excited about this knit! It is the next cardigan on my list. Looking forward to watching yours grow, seeing how I'm still SO behind on my current knitting projects! Happy Knitting. Hope it was a wonderful summer.

karen said...

missed you! glad you are posting again. Lovely knitting and it screams FALL to me!! yay!

kathy b said...

I missed you TOO!
Im knitting a Malabrigo Shawl . It is a challenge for me. Im ready
I had the summer of moving and KNitting Christmas stockings

susan said...

Hope you enjoyed your summer.
My daughter gave me a gift certificate for knitting lessons awhile ago and I'm looking forward to starting classes this fall.
Happy knitting!

Unknown said...

I love the colour of your project yarn and look forward to seeing it as a finished object :)

kathy b said...

Glad you are back. ! Love the charcoal colored yarn. It will make an amazing sweater

Lisa said...

"Frankensweater" -- Love this name, your yarn, and that you're back :) xo


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