Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Knitting and Reading on Wednesday

Hydrogen is done and ready to be blocked.  That just flew off my needles. What a fun knit!  I can't recommend that yarn enough.  Tonight I will wind some yarn to start Find Your Fade. I held off as long as I could.  I can no longer resist.  

I just started the Miniaturist.  I have heard great things about it.  I'll let you know.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 20, 2017


Lots of knitting
Finishing gifts
A yarn crawl with friends
Watching NCAA constantly (I'm in second place in the family bracket - woohoo!)
Planning for a big upcoming project
And relaxing like the pup

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yarn Along

The project - Hydrogen Shawl.
The yarn -Caterpillargreen Yarns Shawl Stripes
The reading - Murder Simply Brewed by Vanetta Chapman
The brief blog post - in catch up mode since storm yesterday.

Catch ya later!

Monday, March 13, 2017


We spent most of the weekend inside staying warm.  Apparently we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow so today is prep time.  Gas is in the car, house has food, batteries are stocked, we will make sure all phones and devices are charged.  All that is left is to pick up a new snow shovel since ours broke.  And enjoy the snow day that is to come.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Art Gallery

Yesterday I had the honor of being part of a fiber arts exhibition at UMASS Dartmouth.  My amazing friend Linda had some of  her work exhibited there (3rd picture from top - the masks on the left side).  We got to meet the other artists and spin for a while.  So much talent!  If I ever went back to school I know what my major would be.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yarn Along

Long time no blog!  What can I say?  Life has been, well... life.  Just busy.  I'll give a proper update in a few days, but in the meantime I have missed Yarn Along (and obviously I miss connecting with all of you).  So here's what's on the needles these days.  It's a Baby Surprise Sweater.  And of course, I don't have the yarn label with me.  It's Ella Rae Cozy Soft Prints (if memory serves).  It is indeed soft!  I have never knit a Baby Surprise so I'm blindly following EZ's instructions. I have faith that this will look like something in the end.  

Reading has been light stuff.  Mostly audio books.  You know how I like to multi-task.  I'm 2/3 of the way through it and I am enjoying it.  I'm not sure how much I like the narrator.  

So what's going on in your fiber world?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Well hello there - it's been a few weeks.  It's nothing personal - I just haven't been very active "socially".  In real life I have been having fun so let's talk about it. It's actually great timing with Carole's prompt today.  Here are five of the best things I did this summer:

1.  Took our annual trip to the Cape.  We made a couple of different stops this time, including Cape Cod Beer and Cape Cod Chips.  We went to a different beach (which I can't remember the name of but it was a small one).  We had our favorite pizza from Joey's, checked out the town of Hyannis and relaxed.  

2.  I did a lot of spinning outside.  Some at events like this past weekend at the Pardon Grey Reserve which is right in my town.  

3.  I spent a lot of time near the water.  I found a lot of peace there.  I love the sounds and the smells (unless it's low tide - ick!)

4.  We worked on the back yard and did some rearranging.  The deck was rebuilt and we spent a lot of time outdoors.  We even got an outdoor heater to extend the season!  Surprisingly we haven't had to use it yet.  

5.  We went to the boat races in our back yard.  It's always a lot of fun and it wasn't nearly as hot as it was last year!

And now the reality is that Fall will be upon us.  I do love this time of year.  And I have some fun plans.

1.  I'm going to Rhinebeck!  I wasn't sure if it was going to happen but it is and can you believe it will be my first Sheep and Wool of the year?
2.  Reading.  I read a lot over the summer and I intend to keep it up now that the cooler weather is coming.
3.  Going back to the Cape.  We will be our there again in a couple of weeks for an extended weekend to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday (I know - how did THAT  happen?).
4.  Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I have already been starting my Pinterest lists.
5.  Knitting some sweaters.  I already started one and hope to get another one done by Christmas (I actually have two that I started last year that I'm undecided on - I will continue with them or rip them back).

So tell me about your Summer (since I have been sorta absent) and what fun stuff you have planned for this Fall.


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