Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

I pretty much summed up my very long weekend yesterday. In the spirit of Carole's Ten on Tuesday lets get into some detail. 

1. Spin for Tour de Fleece
2. Finished 2 books and started a new one
3. Caught up on podcasts
4. Watched a lot of fireworks!
5. Did some blanket knitting 
6. Cared for the patient - aka the hubby
7. Made an ice cream cake like my gramma used to do. With Saralee pound cake. Yummy!
8. Appreciated the generosity of neighbors. One does an amazing fireworks display every year which I am sure is not cheap. Another came over and mowed the lawn so hubby didn't have to worry about it while he recuperates. 
9. Looked through my collection of bags. Bags of all sorts. Let's just say that yarn and fiber are not my only stashes. 
10. Relaxed. 


kathy b said...

I love your blanket. I must learn to do that technique. Keep going!

Carole Julius said...

The extra details about your weekend make it sound even better!

AsKatKnits said...

Beautiful knitting! And, the generosity of others is one of the best things of all!

Bonny said...

I hope your husband is healing and it's wonderful to hear about generous and caring neighbors. Your mug is great!

Kwizgiver said...

What great neighbors! And a beautiful blanket you've got going.

mamasmercantile said...

Stunning blanket, it really does look good. Hope your husband is on the mend. How wonderful to have such generous neighbours.

karen said...

I am so behind in podcast listening with my son around :) but then think of all the joy I'll have catching up!!

steph said...

#7 made me laugh....I'm a baglady, too!!!


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